The importance of cover art in your song.

by Jose Trives
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The importance of cover art in your song.

Is the cover art important for your song-album? The answer is YES.

This is very well explained to us by Tracy Maddux, CEO of CD Baby, one of the most important music distributors in the world who has helped more than 650,000 artists and has generated payments worth more than $500 million dollars.

Here's a piece of the interview where he talks about this topic:

As a representative of CD Baby, I've seen a lot of album covers. I have also seen a lot of artists trying to deliver their music to be distributed WITHOUT a cover design.
I always let them know that their album needs a cover design for us to distribute the music, even if it is going to be published only in digital format.
From time to time they ask me, "Why do you need a cover design?"
Everyone needs a cover!

First impressions are key when discovering music.

The design you use to present your album is another way to build your own brand. Why would you let this opportunity pass? The cover design of your album is a reflection of your style and your story as much as your music can be.
I can't speak for other consumers but, personally, when I'm looking for new music, I click on covers that are interesting to me, and I skip other titles that are not visually appealing. I'm sure I've missed some excellent music for this reason, but that's how it goes. I choose visually what I want to hear (as most listeners do).

What does your album design say about you?

It is clear that you will not be able to arouse interest or please everyone with a simple image, so the look and style of the cover of your album should be according to the genre. You have put a lot of work in your music; now is the time to treat her with respect and make sure that the cover is up to the task.
Three tips to generate ideas about the design of an album cover

Don't be discouraged if you are not sure of the direction you want your design to go or if a creative blockage assails you. Instead...

1. Check the cover design of artists you admire in your genre.
2. Ask yourself: what do I like about this cover? Write your answers below (so you can apply these principles to your own design).
3. Find out what are the trends in cover design by checking out current albums on a musical platform of your choice.

The covers are the bridge between a song and the discovery of an album, group or producer.

That is why at GRAFIKSBOX we want to help all independent artists-producers to facilitate this important process. If you have doubts about which cover to choose, you have no design knowledge or you just can't afford to spend a lot of money on a professional designer with every song you make, don't worry. You can enter our covers section and choose the one that best suits your song.


More than 1000 artists have already trusted us, will you be the next one?...

by Jose Trives


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