Grafiksbox – Update 6.1 and next changes.

Heey Grafiksbox community!! We have been working on the progress and improvements of the platform for months and here we present the latest changes and those that are on the way. Thank the support of all the artists and producers who trust in our work, we continue to grow. 🚀

Little rebranding. 🥶

For some time we wanted to do a brand wash to the platform, so we have chosen to choose color gradients for our image and branding, highlighting purple, green and blue. In addition to having a rounder and more modern appearance.

Continue to maintain the dark mode, so that browsing is as less annoying as possible when browsing.

We include a logo change preparing it for mobile app versions.

Better exploration. 🔎

We knew about the problem that arose when exploring new cover arts in the catalog since the latest cover arts were always shown and you had to turn many pages to see one that fit the artist’s song.

For this reason, we have integrated a single-page catalog where as you scroll down new cover arts appear.

In addition to this, the artworks are shown randomly, so they will never have the same order. This favors finding covers that were previously hidden and greater chances of discovering the one that fits your song or album.

Drop & More Cover Arts 🪂

From now on we increase the number of covers on the platform, and we will publish them on the same day, the first day of each month, this will be our Drop.

With this, we try that all artists can get the cover before the others and they will know what day the catalog is updated. We also increased the team of designers and the pace, in order to achieve more quantity and quality.

Tinder Cover (beta). 💘

New functionality, in beta, which consists of swiping the cover arts, tinder-style, until you find the ones you like. This function will be improved in the future.

Improvement of the affiliate program. 🤝

We have improved the affiliate program, now you can access from your account and request access. We maintain the same commission of 35%.

This will make it easier for content creators and influencers to passively earn money thanks to our generous commissions.

Prices drop. 💸


A few weeks ago we decided to lower all the prices of the cover arts so that they are more affordable for all types of artists. This change was temporary but now we have made the decision to keep it.


The next improvements we want to implement are:

  • Performance improvement
  • An automatic platform for the sale of cover arts for independent designers.
  • iOS & Android App.
  • Tinder Cover Final Version.
  • NFT.
  • Gems Token Rewards.
  • New Faqs page.

These changes will be applied between 2021 and 2022. We continue working to improve the user experience, we hope we are taking the right steps.

Thank you very much everyone for the support.

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Grafiksbox – Update 6.1 and next changes.

Heey Grafiksbox community!! We have been working on the progress and improvements of the platform for months and here we present the latest changes and …


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