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If you are reading this it is because you are a hesitant person or because you like to take care of every last detail of your music. After several months of working on your song, it’s time to choose a cover art that represents your song, your person, your brand, or the ideals you want to convey with the song.

In other blogs we talked about the importance of cover art or even how to make your own cover art. In this blog you will learn how to choose your cover art in the right way.

Many artists choose to make a music video as a complement to their cover art, but others opt for the option of acquiring a static cover art, a motion cover, or a lyric video. All these options are totally valid and sufficient to broadcast your music.

What I want to transmit with my cover art 🤔

This is the first step that we must do when our song or album is finished. Through our songs we want to transmit a message, our cover art has to do the same.

It is important to have a clear idea, in many occasions the name of our single or the album can help us when choosing a design. Let’s imagine that our single is called “Olimpo”, normally we would look for classic cover art that represents some mythological figure, like a god, or playing with classic and modern elements that enhance our cover art.

It is also proven that cover arts that include a face usually have a higher CTR than those without a face. The CTR is the Click Through Rate, that is, the times that people click on your cover or link and therefore, listen to your song. 

So the higher the quality of our cover art, the more interaction the audience will have with our music.

Where to find quality cover art

A few years ago this work was practically impossible, to find a place where to be able to acquire our covers and with a great variety was unthinkable. But nowadays there are marketplaces like Grafiksbox.

In Grafiksbox you can find more than a thousand covers from a wide range of styles and themes. From Regular, Cartoon, Motion, 3D, 2D, among others…

If your idea is not in the catalog there is also the option of customizing your own cover, the designers who make up Grafiksbox, will design the perfect cover for you and listen to all your requests to translate them into your cover art.

Other relevant factors when choosing or designing a cover art

Among the elements mentioned, there are others of great relevance and that will be a great help to our cover art.

– Use of minimalism

– Incorporate our logo, if it is ambiguous, take advantage of it to modernize it

– Do not saturate the cover art

– Use innovative graphic elements (GFXPLUG) has the best graphic resources on the market 

– Subscribe to cover art pages every month (RDROP INNER CIRCLE) 

🏆Congratulations! With all these tricks and elements you will be able to choose the perfect art cover for your next release. Work on your music and art 

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