How much music streaming platforms PAY in 2020? *UPDATED*

how much music streaming platforms pay… Streaming platforms have been established in our routine in an effective way, 90.3% of people around the world recognize that they listen to music at some time of the day. Among them, a large percentage are the artists themselves who create their music, broadcast it and play it.

Through streaming platforms, listeners help artists with their reproductions to reach high numbers of reproductions and even incentives for such songs.

so… How much music streaming platforms pay in 2020?

In this blog we will know all the requirements that these platforms demand from the artists, which ones pay more and less and in what amounts. If you’ve come here is because you already know how to increase your followers on Spotify, if you do not know you should check it out and start making money.

How much do SPOTIFY pay?

The first thing we need to know is that Spotify differentiates between free and premium users. Therefore, these two versions are treated differently when evaluating the music plays.

Spotify offers better royalty rates when played on a premium user’s account. These content owners are paid based on the fees and the percentage of plays that come from free and premium users. The higher the percentage of premium, the higher the fee.

The rates are also influenced by the country where the streams originate (due to advertising and currency value). Also, the price of paid subscriptions may vary due to discount and package offers. Spotify officially sets a payment of between $0.006 and $0.0084 per play. 👈

This is the amount the streaming platform charges for royalties, for composers the fees are much lower, some composers report receiving approximately $0.0437 per stream. This is equivalent to approximately $43 per 1,000,000 reproductions. 🤷‍♂️

How much do APPLE MUSIC pay?

Apple Music is one of the platforms that best pays artists, specifically in the second position and far from one of its strongest competitors, Spotify. Apple Music pays artists the amount of $0.0735 per stream.

This is equivalent to about $7.35 for every 1000 plays and about $7,350 if the artist manages to reach the million plays.

Google Play Music

The Google Play Music platform is one of the most present, due to the fact that in many Android devices it is already incorporated, but its number of users is not equivalent to this figure.

Likewise, this platform pays an amount of $0.0510, so we would need 196 plays to earn just one dollar.

How much do TIDAL pay?

If you have come this far is that you are interested in your music to acquire an economic value, Tidal can be your site, is the streaming platform that pays more artists to put their music. 

The price of Tidal is $0.08 per play and you would only need 125 plays to purchase one dollar. So by calculating, you can enter $12.5 for 1000 plays and $12,500 for a million.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music’s platform sits between Google Play and Spotify when it comes to paying artists. Although the company focuses its revenue on the web and the video streaming platform, the application pays the artists quite well.

The price per play is $0.050 so we would need about 190-200 plays to get one dollar

Youtube Music

It is almost impossible to know how much YouTube pays for video in Spain, USA and in any other country, since it depends on numerous factors that directly affect the money generated.

In order to make money with your channel, you must have at least 1000 subscribers and have a minimum of 4000 views.

What is certain is that by creating content and working hard on your channel, your visits will increase and you will be able to monetize your channel.

Approximately, YouTube pays about one dollar for every 1000 views you generate on your videos.


Once we know How much music streaming platforms pay in 2020 for our music we must take several things into account. The more promotion you give your music in more places will position you, although it is not good to abuse and place us in all, if not prioritize where there are more listeners and that in the future the amount may interest you.

One of the best ways for them to know your music is Instagram, that even if you do not pay to have your music is the best way for your content is shared and known.

By the way, Dittomusic made a post talking about this topic, in case you want to continue informing yourself.


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