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Best music distributor for streaming platforms in 2022

In recent years we have seen how the number of music distributors has increased in the internet, some more expensive, others cheaper and others free. But the price was never entirely decisive when it came to being the best music distributor.

Also clarify that being “the best music distributor” is a bit subjective, since this will depend on the independent tastes of each artist / producer / label. But collecting all the functions that they share between all the platforms and after seeing their performance we can tell you our favorite.

5 points why DISTROKID is the best music distributor of this year 2022

Fast ⏱

After years uploading dozens of songs from artists I’ve worked with, I can safely say that none will upload your music today as fast as Distrokid.

Being one of the first aggregators created, it has privileges over others, since they work directly with Spotify and other streaming platforms, this makes the upload speed incredibly fast compared to the competition.

To give you an idea, at Amuse (with the paid plan) a song took around 12 days to process and publish, at Distrokid it was published in just 3 days on Spotify and a couple more days on the other platforms. .

This difference is key especially for independent artists who finish the songs just a couple of days before their deadline, many of you will feel identified. 😅

By the way, if you decide to upload your music through Distrokid you can register by clicking here and you will get a 7% discount. 👈

Price 💸

The good thing about this music distributor compared to the others is its payment plan, since they start with a plan of $19.99 per YEAR.

While on other platforms its price for uploading an individual song is around $15, on Distrokid we can upload ALL the music we want for a ridiculous 19 dollars.

This initial plan would only be for one artist, but if we want to add more, its price is still just as good, the payment plans are:

  • Musician: $19.99 /Year (1 Artist Only)
  • Musician Plus: $35.99 /Year (2 artists + extra features)
  • Label: $79.99 /Year (More than 5 artists)

To see the plans in detail you can go to https://distrokid.com/plan/

Functions ⚙️

Distrokid is not satisfied with being the one that uploads your music to the platforms faster and at a ridiculous price price, but also wants to give you extras to make your life easier, such as:

Spotify verification, you can do this on your own, but if you are not very clear and need some help to create your Spotify profile and verify it, Distrokid is your ally. It will also verify your profile on Apple Music.

Cover license. Artists who upload covers of artists with repercussion will know how difficult it is to deal with the rights and copyright of the owners of the song which you want to revert, well, Distrokid has a service included in their plans with which they help you manage these rights so you can upload your covers and also be able to monetize it without getting into trouble.

Hyperfollow. What’s this? Well, the Hyperfollow is a web page that they create for each release in which your cover appears and links to the different streaming platforms. It also allows you to have the Pre-Save function in Spotify, which is so much sought after lately. No more sharing a dozen links separately, now they bring everything together in one place.

All platforms. The list of sites where you can upload your music is huge and does not stop growing, these are: Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Resso, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Soundtrack by Twitch, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, Saavn, Boomplay, ANghami, KKBox, NetEase, Tencent, Qobuz, Triller, Yandex, Medianet, Snapchat… There are so many that many don’t even ring a bell…

There are many more functions, but these are the most remarkable, I recommend that you enter and browse on your own.

By the way! If every time you finish a song you have the dilemma of choosing your cover for the platforms, we recommend our platform  GRAFIKSBOX.COM, We have thousands of covers for your songs. 🔥

Support ☎️

Although it is true that a few years ago the support was not very good and it was only available in English, now they have improved a lot in that aspect.

They have support in several languages, including Spanish, they usually respond quickly and in detail and solve problems that arise without much complication.

If you have ever been assigned your song to another artist or vice versa, this music distributor will solve it for you pretty quickly, although it is always advisable to contact the streaming platform in question first.

Payments 🤑

Here there is a big difference between Distroid and the rest of the music distributors, and that is that many of them force you to meet a threshold of about $50 dollars to get your royalties, so if you do not reach this figure you will not be able to collect. 😡

Distrokid’s threshold is only $10, which is relatively easy to get, and it also offers a fairly detailed csv or excel with the broken down information of your income, so you will know exactly which streaming platform each penny comes from. In addition, it has no hidden commissions, since the Distrokid model is 100% subscription, all the money collected goes to the artist.

Another fantastic option is to distribute royalties automatically. If you release a song with other artists or producers, you can configure what percentage of the song belongs to each one by assigning their email or Distrokid account, so that when you receive the income, it will be distributed automatically and proportionally to the percentage of each one. 😌

Cons 🤔

Obviously not everything is perfect with this distributor, although it does not have major negative points, there are a couple that do not convince me very much.

The first would be that if you stop paying your subscription, the songs will be removed from everywhere, this can be solved by paying an extra of around $30 dollars for each album or song.

Also, if we want to monetize via YouTube Content ID, we must add it separately when publishing our song, since it is another paid extra. In this case the price is $4.99 per year for each song / album.

For the rest I don’t consider any more cons.

And this would be all, I hope it has helped you when choosing a platform with which to distribute your music and remember that if you want a 7% discount when registering with Distrokid you can get it by clicking here.

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